Month: March 2015

Back in the studio

Excited to be recording with the amazing Jay Pellicci in his studio for a new, solo project featuring glockenspeil. I’ll be collaborating with Andrew Maguire on vibes and percussion. This is a project that has been at percolating for seven years or so. I can’t wait!

Silence as a luxury good.

Living next to public transportation construction over the past five years, I am fairly attuned to the sounds around me. I have creating various sound ontologies cataloging modes of conveyance and warning noises. I can visualize the tricks the skateboarder is attempting beneath my window. I know whose dog is out for a run based…

Can you predict song popularity

This week we presented our personal projects at Zipfian Academy. It was a lot of fun to see the diversity of topics and analyses. And here is my project: Like many pop-culture driven areas, pop music is driven by hits and hits follow a particular pattern: Many companies (Hit Song Science, Mixcloud, MusicXray, and BandMetrics)…