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January 1, 2021 mood

January 1, 2021 mood global warming, hustling, gig economy, the Stoics, unions and nation-building.#stoicism #stoicphilosophy #hustle #unions #globalwarming

a decade of non-blogging

To celebrate a decade of non-blogging and sporadic public social media posting, I’m starting something new. MOOD BOARDS Haven’t decided on the cadence, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, but hopefully more than annual. Here are my first three: December 29, 2020December 30, 2020December 31, 2020 May next year be safe and healthy for you…

Back in the studio

Excited to be recording with the amazing Jay Pellicci in his studio for a new, solo project featuring glockenspeil. I’ll be collaborating with Andrew Maguire on vibes and percussion. This is a project that has been at percolating for seven years or so. I can’t wait!

Silence as a luxury good.

Living next to public transportation construction over the past five years, I am fairly attuned to the sounds around me. I have creating various sound ontologies cataloging modes of conveyance and warning noises. I can visualize the tricks the skateboarder is attempting beneath my window. I know whose dog is out for a run based…

Can you predict song popularity

This week we presented our personal projects at Zipfian Academy. It was a lot of fun to see the diversity of topics and analyses. And here is my project: Like many pop-culture driven areas, pop music is driven by hits and hits follow a particular pattern: Many companies (Hit Song Science, Mixcloud, MusicXray, and BandMetrics)…


Creativity has been on my mind today. Jerry Saltz is disappointed in the emergence of the safe cliché, “new-mannerism”. Historically, was a response to overly harmonious composition and Platonic ideals. It seems like street art, in particular, has been riffing on mash-ups like music. When does a mash-up qualify as “neo-mannerism”-esque? Is it in its…

The long tail

As what happens with other endeavors across the net, I have experimented with a variety of platforms and have left bread crumbs of blogging fits and starts across multiple platforms. To that end, I have decided to restart this one with hopes of it growing organically and persistently, like a daily practice. This is week…

News for the new year

New photo show @ Sweet Inspirations on Market St. Reception: January 9th. Moonbell to record in Tiny Telephone studio mid-January. tabby

Hello world!

Don’t bother me, I’m blogging.